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La Boussole, (self-catering) located in Thémines, in the Lot, is a haven of peace, ideal for a couple, alone or with children.








You will find upstairs a double room with a bathroom, (bath shower and toilets.)









Downstairs, in the sitting-room, two sofas may be used as extra beds; and aso a powder room.


An open-plan kitchen, fully equipped with washing machine, refrigerator, oven, microwave, and a hot plate; where you will be able to have your meals in a artistic atmosphere.





The garden kept the rustic beauty of the region, with its dry-stones walls. However, the presence of flowered shrubs and shaded spots make it a pleasant place to read, rest or take one's meals. A barbecue is also available.


     In addition to the serenity of Le Bout du Lieu, you will find in the beautiful region of Le Quercy (from Qercus:oak) a great variety of activities, walking on the many footpaths, cycling on the country roads, kayaking on the river Dordogne and Célé, swimming in the Dordogne (Gluges) or in the swimming pools in Gramat or Figeac or at the Lac de Tolerme and playing golf at the Château de Montal near Saint Céré. In the daytime you will be attracted by the lively atmosphere of fairs, markets, brocantes and boot sales and in the evening by the excellent concerts in Saint Céré and various other villages around. Gramat: mediatheque (internet connection), and a movie theatre.

For tourism Rocamadour is a must, but because it is the second site visited in France it is best to go early in the morning or in the evening to avoid the summer crowd. Figeac is a beautifully restored medieval city with its new Champollion Museum and in the adjacent courtyard the replica of the Rosetta Stone. The villages of Beaulieu, Bretenoux, Carennac, Loubressac, Martel, Saint Céré and Saint Laurent-les-Tours are picturesque and in Padirac you may at the Gouffre enjoy a boat ride on an underground river.

The many restaurants around will offer typical regional dishes, mainly duck and lamb, goat and ewe cheeses and tasty pastries, such as "le pastis".

In the village of Thémines (5 minutes walk ), you will find in addition to the church and the old Hall market, a baker who will not only sell you bread and croissants, but milk, butter, cheese, pasta and wine; a butcher who in addition to meat, sausages, raw ham, pâté, rillettes, sells also wine and eggs; a restaurant, a café, a post-office annd even an antique dealer. Twice a week, a green grocer and a pizza dealer come through the village. In Gramat, (9 kilometers) you will find all shops, and on Tuesdays ans Fridays farmers' market.


Cost of stay: 450 € per week        Reservation: 25 % deposit


From Gramat, D840 (previously N140) to Figeac.

Just before Thémines (pannel on right) turn left (small pannel "Le Bout du Lieu").

200m further, on the green, take on right, first gate on the left, blue sign "La Buissonnière".


 Elisabeth de Lapérouse Coleman - La Buissonnière
Le Bout du Lieu - 46120 Thémines
Tel: 05 65 40 88 58 - Tel portable: 06 07 63 82 36


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